We absolutely love working with influencers! The landscape is always changing and we're here to help you navigate the way, find your niche, and build a personal brand. *Please note that we're only able to work with influencers in the Boston area at this moment in time. 



Packages starting at $250
Love using social media, but feel like you don't have a clear direction or aren't achieving results? Getting focused on what sets you apart and defining your niche can set you up for success. We'll kick things off with a strategy session to create an action plan, and start you on the path with 2 follow-up photo shoots! This is the ideal package for anyone looking to develop a personalized vision for their branding. This is also a fantastic option for anyone who is job searching and wants to update their digital presence to make themselves more attractive to employers.  

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Packages starting at $50
The unseen element behind every successful social media account? LOTS of planning. If social media is your side gig, chances are you don't have the hours it takes to devote to outlining a plan, which is where we come in! We create customized lists of locations of places that will fit your feed, so that you have a game plan ready to go. For example, if your feed has a nautical vibe we'll deliver a comprehensive list of beautiful seaside spots in the area - perfect for your photo shoots. 

Trip planning: included in this option are customized lists for other cities and states if you have an upcoming trip. Cut out hours of research by having us build you an Instagram itinerary. 



DSLR rates starting at $100/hour. 
iPhone rates starting at $35/hour. 

Tired of bugging your friends or significant other for shots of yourself for social? We offer affordable photography specifically for social media so that you'll plenty of content for your channels. We have a keen eye for what will translate well on social and can recommend plenty of beautiful spots around the city to shoot. Our most affordable $35/hour option includes photos taken on your own phone so that you have access to all of the images taken. This option also gives you the control to edit images as you'd like -- in your personal style and with your go-to filters. For those who would like professional shots and editing, we also offer DSLR photo shoots. No matter which option you choose, your digital profiles will be getting an upgrade! *Photography services only available to Boston area influencers at this time.